Cafe Coffee Day – Coffee Festivals


Cafe Coffee Day, India’s largest social hub kick starts “Coffee Festivals” across its cafes to share the art of coffee making


You start your day with a cuppa and the endless sips keep you going all day long. Did you know that there are different ways to make coffee and you don’t have to settle for one method?! Cafe Coffee Day, India’s largest retail chain of coffee cafes, is now taking the coffee experience to homes through ‘Coffee Festivals’ which was launched in the city today. For the next few days, consumers can walk-in to any of Cafe Coffee Day cafes and learn how to get the right brew using home coffee making equipments like the coffee plunger and stovetop espresso maker and also learn the art of brewing light and strong coffees.

At the coffee festival, Felix Daniel, a coffee expert and a brew master with Cafe Coffee Day conducted a short workshop showcasing the fine art of coffee making and shared many interesting facets of coffee art.

At the end of this short workshop, people will know a lot about their favourite beverage and will be a Cafe Coffee Day certified Brew Master. They can purchase their home coffee making kits which comprise of coffee making machines and coffee powders to enjoy a similar taste at home.

All about Coffee

Coffee - one of the few drinks that is universal and the world’s second most popular drink after water, a guilty pleasure no matter when, where or how consumed, has the ability to mesmerize the mind and tantalize the taste buds. Coffee is without a doubt a social lubricant and indeed the ‘elixir’ of life…

The formation of culture around coffee and coffeehouses dates back to 16th century Turkey, where coffeehouses were traditionally social hubs, as well as artistic and intellectual centers. Even those who were not coffee lovers would spend time in coffee houses just to enjoy the atmosphere. Over the years a revival of this culture has been seen in our country. Today, coffee drinking in India has matured from the cappuccinos and lattes to consumers enquiring about and appreciating the darker espressos.