Murugappa Group unveils new brand identity


The Murugappa Group unveiled its new brand identity today. The new logo - the Murugappa Peacock in a vibrant red reflects the strength and energy the Murugappa Group embodies, while retaining the timeless values and beliefs that define the Group.

Unveiling the brand, Mr. A Vellayan, Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group said, “This contemporary rendition of the Murugappa Peacock is a sign of the Group’s global outlook and the dynamic targets we have set out to reach. Red as a colour embodies vigour, power, passion, drive, energy and is renowned for its excellent visibility. The clean lines and the unique lower case style in which ‘murugappa’ is written help connect with audiences through simplicity and elegance.”

The development of the Murugappa brand programme commenced in 2008, when the Group was drawing up near term growth plans.  The programme began with an evaluation of the Group’s Brand and it’s connect with the core audiences including employees, investors and other stakeholders.

A pan-India study among diverse audiences revealed that a sizeable cross section connected Murugappa Group with business ethics and best people practices, but they also expressed the need to more fully understand the Group and the diverse businesses they were in.

The conclusion was that the Group needed to deepen the understanding among the core audiences. The Group also needed to connect to the generation of the future – the emerging tribe of confident, global Indians.

A brand campaign was developed to synchronise with the Group’s ambitious growth plans with the theme “Energy Unbound”.   The first step in this process was to convey this theme through the Group identity that is the brand logo. An internal team formed to anchor the campaign selected Design Consultancy, Lopez Designs, as partner in this effort.  JWT was appointed as the Advertising Agency.

“We wanted to retain the unique imagery that the Murugappa Peacock conveyed as the symbol of a Group that was proudly Indian. At the same time, we wanted a more ‘energized’, modern and contemporary depiction,” added Mr. A Vellayan.

This new identity marks the beginning of the Murugappa Brand campaign to enhance awareness and understanding of the Group’s size, scale and diversity. The campaign will also focus on strengthening the brand association between the Murugappa Group and the constituent companies.

Print advertisements in national dailies will focus primarily on increasing awareness about the Group’s diverse constituent businesses.

The campaign also includes TV Advertisements on national news channels over the next month.  Developed around the communication theme ‘Energy Unbound’, the TV Commercial conveys in a metaphorical manner the Group’s endeavour to harness the wealth of the world for all stakeholders.

“Our aspiration is to make the Murugappa Group one of the most admired and well recognized brands among business Groups in India.  To achieve this objective our communication will continue over the next 3-4 years,” added Mr. A Vellayan.