Britannia launches Milk Bikis Almond Cookies


A first of its kind cookie with Wholesome Goodness of Milk & Almond to help in growth and development of children

In between meal snacking is an integral part of a child’s daily food routine as it serves as a hunger filler in between meals. However, most of the choices available in the market are universal in nature and largely address the delight needs of all consumers; they do not necessarily provide the essential ‘top up’ nutrition that children should have in their growing years. Research conducted by Britannia showed that mothers would be happy to have a solution which is a good balance of nutrition for children in a snack format.

With this in mind, Britannia Industries Ltd., one of India’s most trusted food brands with a diverse portfolio of products in biscuits, bakery and dairy categories, today launched Milk Bikis Almond Cookie - With The Wholesome Goodness Of Milk & Almond In A Delightful Waffle Cookie.

Britannia Milk Bikis Almond Cookie contains milk and almond goodness, important for children’s growth and development and comes in a cookie format which children will love to eat. Four Milk Bikis Almond Cookies has the energy of one glass of milk and three almonds.

Speaking at the launch of Britannia Milk Bikis Almond Cookies at a press conference in the city today, Ms. Anuradha Narasimhan, Category Director – Health & Wellness, Britannia Industries Ltd. said, “At Britannia, we are always looking to develop unique products that are both healthy and enjoyable. Milk Bikis, Tamil Nadu’s favourite brand has been delighting consumers through Milk Biscuits and Milk Cream Biscuits. We have now added the goodness of almonds to deliver additional nutrition, important for children’s growth and development. The new product Milk Bikis Almond Cookie is a delightful and nutritious combination of Milk and Almonds in a great looking cookie. We are confident that children will love the delicious taste of Milk Bikis Almond Cookies and Mothers will find it as a convenient way of providing their children with a delicious and nutritious in- between meal snack.” Said eminent nutritionist, Dr. Dharini Krishnan: “Badam and milk are important in the general diet to increase mental sharpness in growing children. Children enjoy snacking and therefore giving them an essential dose of nutrients in a manner they will enjoy is an effective solution to get the right nutrition into their system.”

Britannia Milk Bikis Almond Cookies is being launched initially in Tamil Nadu and will be available in Andhra Pradesh as well. Priced at Rs 12 per 88.5 gm pack and Rs 25 for 193 gm, Britannia Milk Bikis Almond Cookies is available with a shelf life of six months.