First Mercedes-Benz Multiaxle Luxury coaches


‘Travel with the Star’: Parveen Travels (P) Ltd. from Chennai becomes the owner of the first Mercedes-Benz Multi-Axle Luxury Coaches in Tamil Nadu.

  • Mercedes-Benz, the world’s most trusted bus brand, delivers its Multi-Axle luxury coaches to Parveen Travels (P) Ltd of Chennai.
  • Mr.Md.A.Afzal, Managing Director of Parveen Travels received the keys of the buses in Chennai from Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India.

Chennai - Parveen Travels (P) Ltd. today became the first owners of the Mercedes-Benz multi-axle buses in India. Mr.Md.A.Afzal, Managing Director, Parveen Travels was handed over the keys to the first multi-axle buses by Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India.

“We at Parveen Travels constantly endeavour to provide our customers the best in terms of luxury, comfort, safety & technology. Thus, Mercedes-Benz buses emerged as an obvious choice for us. Now our Passengers can truly ‘Travel with the Star’ and experience unmatched comfort and luxury in their long distance travel”; commented Mr.Md.A.Afzal.

Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India: “Our buses incorporate hallmarks of the Mercedes brand: highest standards of safety, comfort and technology. They offer unparallaled value offering to our customers due to their optimized cost of ownership, toughness and durability as well as reliability. Parveen Travels have a distinguished record and a long history of mass transit and were among the early customers to appreciate this competitive differentiator: we are confident that our buses will further help them enhance their customer delight even further”.

The Mercedes-Benz multi-axle luxury buses offered to Parveen Travels, are built on the robust Mercedes chassis O 500 RSD 2436. These buses have been optimized to suit the needs of Parveen Travels. The buses sport suave exteriors, plush and airy interiors, well designed passenger seats and thoughtful amenities like personalised speakers, lights and AC controls.

Powered by the Euro III engine, the buses are capable of delivering high performance, powerful torque output and a good fuel economy. Their rear engines with 6 vertical cylinders, turbo charged and intercooled engine deliver 1200 Nm torque at a low rpm of 1400-1600. The smart suspension system of these buses is equipped a lifting mechanism that allows the chauffer to increase the height of the bus when the road conditions are demanding.

Mercedes-Benz buses are designed for the highest levels of safety and stability at even high speeds. The bus comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that accentuates safety of the vehicle as a whole. The ABS impedes the locking of all the wheels when braking the vehicle and it is independent of road conditions. In addition, all materials used for the bus body are certified as fire retardant.

With typical Mercedes attention to detail, the bus’ designers have also given great consideration to the interior ensuring that every feature appeals in both emotional and functional terms with its form, colour and material. The result is a harmonious whole – an atmosphere in which the bus’ occupants immediately feel safe and protected, and long journeys can be undertaken with least stress. Passenger seats are mounted on a higher level from the aisle and are equipped with a mechanical reclining mechanism. Also, the bus maintains a perfect temperature with a well developed roof mounted AC.

Other features include two LCD screens provided to make viewing more comfortable for the passengers. The buses also boast a sufficiently large luggage compartment between the front and rear axles.

Technology, design & styling, consumption, comfort, service, maintenance and ease of repair – the Mercedes-Benz 3-axle buses offered to Parveen Travels have been designed to deliver no less than the best in all disciplines.

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