Grill away to glory


Grilling & barbequing have always been a part of the West culture. But bringing the same to Indian cities is Weber India, a pioneer in the production of barbeque grills. Speaking in a recent promotional activity, Sivakumar Kandaswamy said “When we think of barbequing, people generally relate it to either non vegetarian food or some tedious way of cooking, but we at Weber are to prove these myths wrong.”

It was delight to see Chef Manu Chandra dish out some lip smacking dishes that we would have never thought to grill. To many a surprise, tomato soup, handmade pizzas, fish in blankets and pineapple dessert were all made in a jiffy using the grills. “The point to tell the consumer about the comfort of using a grill and they have been designed keeping in mind the end user,” said Mr. Sivakumar Kandaswamy.

Weber grills come in different models to suit the need of the buyer. Essentially, one can go for either a basic charcoal grill or a slightly improvised and bigger model of the same, or a gas barbeque station – which seems relatively bigger and comfortable than the other two. The grills’ price tag range from 7,995 to 1, 79,995 depending on the type of grill on wants.

To make your grilling experience easier, Weber also provides a range of accessories from coals, spatulas to skewer set to digital thermometer! This way, you can satisfy all your grilling needs under one roof and need not worry about going coal hunting in the city. They are available across major cities in the country. Call 1800 102 3102 or visit for further details on models and demonstrations.

Here are some tips from top chef Manu Chandra on grilling do’s and don’ts

1.    Never cut the vegetables/ non veg items into small pieces when you grill.
2.    Plastics are a big ‘no no’ when it comes to grillers and barbeques.
3.    A lot of smoke does not really mean that you are cooking the food well; instead you might be burning it!