Chettinad Players’ Raghuvamsam – An Epic on stage


“They will sack your blood and break your bones like chickens…” said Shurpanakha of the play ‘Raghuvamsam’ by the Chettinad Players. This play dealt with the deeply questionable behavior of Rama after his coronation. The role of shurpanakha was very well played by the actor who stepped into the shoes of the character and became the character herself. Anyone who watched the play could say that it was a great attempt by a bunch of amateur actors.

The best part of the entire play was the set which was a treat to many sore eyes. Most people who witnessed the play were awe-struck by the sight of the extremely professional set and it was no surprise that the set was designed by Padmashri Thota Tharrani. The play was directed by J Jayakumar who had trained the students in a very professional manner.

The students who played the characters of Lava and Kusha and done a commendable job and received a few more than three cheers for their wonderful acting.  The play saw a good balance of positive and negative aspects about Rama which were highlighted from time to time. There were many appreciable dialogs in the play which had a 21st century touch to them. “May be he is just some silly old man who is too tired to come…” a dialog by Lava about Rama, when he caught hold of the asvamedha horse, was one of  many such dialogues.

One little flaw that anyone could point out about this play was that most voices didn’t suit their character at all. The crew should have concentrated a little more on the dubbing part which would have taken the play a little closer to perfection. But for a clan of amateur school students, the play definitely deserves as much applause and appreciation as it seems to have received.