Beach patrols gets sand-equipped


Now it’s easy for the beach patrols to move fast on the sands of the Besant Nagar beach! Know why? Our Chennai police have bought a new beach vehicle that can be easily driven through the beach sand. It’s a bike with four wheels, more similar like the ATV (All Terrain vehicle) that are used as sports bike in many nations. Mostly only one person drives and operates it but this was designed for 2 members to travel on it simultaneously.

Flagged off by Chennai City Commissioner and first of its kind in India, currently it will be used only in the Besant Nagar beach. Seeing its positive usage and response from the public, more vehicles might be bought for other beaches in Chennai.

This bike will be used for surveillance while the beach is crowded and upto 12 at night, everyday. Murugan and Rajesh Kannan, the two patrols who drove the bike for the 1st time, said that earlier it was difficult for them to walk or use any other means of road transport to do their job on the beach. “We hope to reduce the rate of wrong doings on the beach by keeping it under regular surveillance”, they said with a smile!

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