How about a Vegetarian Shawarma


Vegnation, restaurant chain from CavinKare, will be serving a first of its kind ‘Vegetable Shawarma’ for all its fans at the Gemini Parsn Complex outlet. The vegetarian Shawarma has been tried and tested before in the form of vegetable sandwiches but Vegnation is the first restaurant in the world to actually create the grill stand of marinated veggies.

A most unique concept, the vegetable Shawarma is prepared exactly like its meat variant, except the filling is a pure vegetarian delight. Fresh and succulent vegetables including potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and more are marinated in a delicately flavored spice mix over a Shawarma skewer and cooked over indirect heat from a machine before being filled into a pita roll.

The Shawarma is available only on weekends including Friday to Sunday as part of the exclusive Vegnation lunch and dinner buffet, priced at Rs. 189

For reservations, please contact: Vegnation Gemini, Parson Complex– 044 43090607


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