A Week in the Life of Chennai


Art Chennai and Goethe Institut, in association with Travelling Lens, is inviting amateur and professional photographers to participate in Chennai’s first broad-based, public photographic art project titled “A Week in the Life of Chennai” from February 19 to 26, to coincide with the 2012 Art Chennai festival.  Photographers are invited to create a public document of Chennai by submitting photographs that will be displayed as large-scale prints in select public spaces during Art Chennai week.

Photographers may submit up to 10 photographs in one or more of the following themes:

  • Chennai by Night - people working and playing after the sun goes down
  • Commuting/Transport - people (and things) on the move
  • Hidden Chennai - there are aspects of Chennai that don’t happen out in the open; what is the esoteric, not “everyday” life of the city?
  • Dichotomy - the thought-provoking side-by-side contrasts – new and old, rich and poor, etc. – that show multiple facets of Chennai in one spot.
  • Community - the life of specific cultural and social communities within Chennai
  • Religious Chennai - Chennai’s temples, mosques and churches, and their celebrations
  • Markets - the places people shop: sidewalk markets and modern malls alike
  • The Beach - Elliot’s Beach, Marina Beach, Ideal Beach – anything that goes on by the sea
  • Food - Chennai’s cuisine and the people preparing and eating it
  • Portrait / Self Portrait / Body & Form - traditional and non-traditional portraits of the residents of Chennai
  • Cityscape/Landscape - the panoramic, wide-angle view of Chennai
  • Heritage - Chennai’s history and architecture
  • Art & Culture - the dance, music, painting, etc. of the city
  • Industry - Chennai’s businesses – everything from small-scale craftspeople to heavy industry
  • Walls of Chennai - the city’s walls are canvases for a multitude of painters and advertisers: what is the “found art” of the city?
  • Conceptual - digital art, set pieces, abstractions, collages, etc– that, in your mind, captures the essence of Chennai

On February 19, Travelling Lens will host an activation meeting/workshop at the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan) at Number 4, 5th Street, Rutland Gate from 4.00 to 7.00 PM.  Travelling Lens will also hold two additional free workshops on COMPOSITION on February 21 and 22 at the Goethe Institut, during which photographer Yannick Cormier will provide guidance on the types of photos that the team is seeking for this competition.  The last date for submission is February 27 by 11:59pm.  Final selections will be announced on March 3.  There is no cost to participate in this project.

To participate register yourself on http://travellinglens.net/artchennai2012/ and for further information please get in touch on artchennai2012@travellinglens.net.


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