Easter Celebration Goodies at The French Loaf


Easter Celebration Goodies at The French Loaf

Special ‘Argentine bread’ and traditional hot cross buns on offer.

Popular bakery chain The French Loaf has stacked its shelves with special Easter goodies to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. The treats include special chocolate and white chocolate Easter eggs, hat shaped half eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, traditional hot cross buns and a unique Argentine bread which is specially made during Easter. This oval shaped bread contains sweet raisins, is brushed with a coat of citrus sugar syrup and topped with fondant.

These Easter products which are exclusively available only at The French Loaf outlets are perfect to share with family and friends or for gifting during the Easter weekend.

The product starts from Rs. 40 on wards and will be available at the French Loaf outlets across the city until Easter Sunday. For further details and queries please contact 32216627.