Corporation looks to wrap up first phase of cold milling of roads


Corporation looks to wrap up first phase of cold milling of roads

Under the first phase of cold milling, where the top layer is scrapped off, and proper slope created to drain rainwater, the Chennai Corporation has completed work on 36 km of 44 km of roads.

Sources in the civic body explained that bituminous macadam has been laid on 36 km of roads and by the month-end, the fine layer of bituminous concrete will be laid.

“None of these roads have proper slope so we are correcting the profile of these roads and newly forming camber or slope. Since we get police permission to undertake work only between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., it is taking time. Also in one day only 1,500 sq. m. to 1,800 sq. m. of road surface can be milled.

After that the blue metal is scrubbed and removed and then camber correction done,” the official explained.

A total of 194 bus route roads in the city will be cold milled and camber corrected under a Rs. 454-crore project. Following complaints from motorists of poor visibility on milled roads, the Chennai Corporation has placed illuminated warning boards on roads where milling has been done.Work is in progress on roads, including TTK Salai, Smith Road and Pantheon Road.

Motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, and pedestrians are complaining that cold milled roads are causing problems. “Traffic slows down considerably on such stretches. Also at spots where there are manholes there is a square sort of space that comes on suddenly. If you don’t notice it, you will be thrown up,” said M. Sridevi, a resident of Perambur, adding that the least that the Corporation could do was to remove the gravel and dust from the road as soon as the top is scrapped off.

Twisted ankles

Pedestrians too are saying that many times they are ending up with twisted ankles.

“I travel a lot by bus and when I step down from the footpath and on to the road to get into a bus there is a sudden difference in road height. A friend twisted her ankle when she stepped onto a very steep portion. Also gravel has been heaped on footpaths in many places,” said R. Srividya, a resident of Mogappair.