Energy efficient appliances to be sold at TANGEDCO offices


As a move to promote energy conservation and reduce electricity bill amounts for customers, energy efficient electrical appliances are to be sold. This includes LED bulbs, tube lights and 5-star rated fans. This will be done by the team up of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation and Energy Efficient Service Limited. At all TANGEDCO offices across the city, independent kiosks will be set up for the sale.

According to the ratings of these appliances, these are benchmarked as energy efficient. One of the officials at the Electrical Inspectorate Department who promotes energy efficient appliances says these appliances are going to be of great help to reduce consumption of power.

With the higher star rating, the appliances have higher energy efficiency. The highest benchmark rating, according to the Bureau of Indian Standards is 5-star.

A TANGEDCO senior official says there will be exclusively set up kiosks at TANGEDCO collection centres in Chennai for selling energy efficient LED bulbs. The chief engineer of demand side management has requested for setting up kiosks within collection centres to open that will be functional between 8.30 am and 2.30 pm.

LED bulbs 9-watt, LED tube lights of 20 watt, and 5-star rated fans are to be sold at these sales centres. These LED bulbs come with 3 years warranty period & are sold for Rs 65 each. The LED tube lights are sold for Rs 230 and fans are priced Rs 1150.

Here, only LED bulbs are available. It may take some time for the tube lights and fans to be sold.