Employee welfare Department working on taking PF for medical treatments faster


The Ministry of the Employee Welfare Department has simplified the earlier cumbersome process in getting the PF amount for the purposes of medical treatment.

With this, the PF subscribers can now easily take money from their PF account for medical treatment purposes.

As per the earlier procedure, the subscribers applying for PF money for medical treatment had to submit a permission letter from the employer company and the medical certificate. A lot of complaints were received regarding procedural blocks.

Now, this has been simplified. The PF subscribers can easily take their PF money from their PF account for medical treatment. They can make a self-proclaimed report regarding their illness and apply and get the required amount from their PF account.

In a similar simplification, the differently-able PF subscribers need not furnish the medical certificate for buying the supporting equipment. This report was released on 25th April.

During the present period, a lot of cumbersome formalities/procedures adopted earlier have been now removed to a great extent. Earlier, there was a need to fill up 3 forms. Now, the PF subscriber needs to fill only one form.