Now apply for new smart ration card in e-service centres


The facility to apply for new smart ration cards and correcting the details in the ration card is being introduced in the e-service centers.

This facility would be available from 24th April in all government e-service centers.

So, the public can visit the nearest government e-service centers to apply for new smart ration cards are to carry out corrections such as change of address, removal of names, correcting errors in name spellings, and change of cell phone number and e-mail ID.

Tamil Nadu police department: Smart card for buying items with special discounts

A smart card system embedded with bar-code has been introduced in the canteens of the department of police in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, there are.

  • 103000 employees in the police department.
  • 18000 employees in the prison department
  • 17000 employees in the Fire-fighting department
  • 11000 employees in the department of forestry

In order for these employees who work with uniforms, there are 47 police canteens operating throughout Tamil Nadu in 32 districts to facilitate the purchase of household groceries and other items with VAT concession.

The working and retired employees of the 4 departments listed above avail the concession of buying several items including groceries, household consumer durables, cars, bikes, etc concessional prices.

Staff in the cadre of constable to chief constable can buy items worth Rs 5000 per month or Rs. 70000 per year. The staff in the cadre of sub-inspectors to deputy superintendent of police can buy items worth Rs. 8000 per month or Rs. 1 Lakh per year. Cadres from SP and above can buy items worth Rs. 10000 per month or Rs 1.5 Lakhs per year.

Until recent times, the staff gave their employee number and bought items. Now, the DGP had initiated action to issue police canteen identity cards to the staff. Accordingly, the details of the constable or higher officials including the family members and photographs were all integrated online and new smart ID cards with a barcode are manufactured.

With this ID card, items can be bought in any of the 47 police canteens in the state. The are absolutely no possibilities for any misuse/abuse. In the case of transfers, the staff can continue buying from the nearest police canteen in the transferred place.

This system has met with huge popularity from the police department staff.

50 Lakhs smart ration cards ready

So far, 50 Lakh smart ration cards have been made. The activity of issuing the new smart ration card in place of the old ration card commenced on 1st April in Tamil Nadu.

However, it could not be started in Chennai district as the by-election for the R.K. Nagar legislative assembly constituency had been announced on 12th April and the Election Commission rules and regulations were in force. So, the smart ration cards were distributed in all districts except Chennai from 1st April.

Up to yesterday (Thursday, 20th April), 50 lakh smart ration cards had been printed. Out of this, 11 Lakh smart ration cards have been distributed to the public.

An official from the department of food explained regarding this that some customers complained about mistakes in the card. The mistake might be originally from the Aadhar card from which the details were linked and integrated into the smart ration card.

However, actions have been initiated to distribute error-free smart ration cards. In order to ensure this the ration card holders will have to go on the internet to check their card details before going to the ration shop to collect it.

So, it is advisable for the ration card holder to visit the website and see the details after entering the cell number they had given. They can check and confirm whether details such names, address, etc., are proper, In case everything is proper, the smart ration card would have been printed. This information can also be seen on the website.

The cards which contain errors will be printed only after corrections are made. So, it is important that all ration cards must check and confirm the correct details on the smart ration card on the internet.

There are 20.10 Lakh ration cards in Chennai Metro. Out of this, only 8 Lakh ration card holders have given the full details including Aadhar card. The balance ration cards have given Aadhar card details for only 1 or 2 members but not all the members given in the ration card.

So, the distribution of smart ration cards is set to commence today (Friday, 21st April) only for those who have furnished the full Aadhar details.