Ileana shares her top 5 winter skincare essentials


They say time flies like the wind and it’s true, winter is already here and though we love the chill in the air, we cannot forget that cold weather also brings in dry skin. It’s time to switch to products that boost hydration and keep our skin lustrous and glowing.

We asked Pond’s brand ambassador Ileana D’Cruz to share her winter skincare regime and reveal product she swears by.

#1 “Moisturizing is the most crucial step and it is number one on my skin care list. When it comes to winter skin care I can’t possibly stay without my all-time favorite Pond’s product, the Pond’s Cold Cream. It is a classic product you cannot go wrong with and like I always say, I’ve grown up with it. It is the one constant thing on my mother’s dressing table and I have loved it ever since. It is rich and moisturizing and keeps my skin soft and nourished”

#2 Don’t forget the sunblock, even when it is winter. We are a tropical country where sunblock is a necessity all-round the year. Try something like an SPF-enriched day cream or BB cream that will provide dual benefits.”

#3 “I’m calling it step three but it is a crucial step. A good moisturizer keeps our skin supple and nourished but we also need to have lots of water to flush toxins from the body. Drinking at least 2 liters of water is what experts recommend and we should follow that.

#4 “A night skincare routine is also very important. I like using a gel based face wash that will not leave the skin dry and keeps it hydrated even in the night.”

#5 "I never leave home without my lip balm. It's something I have with me at all times. To wake up with soft moisturized lips, try gently brushing your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush or even some raw granulated sugar. Then wash off and apply a mild lip balm before going to bed"