Price of tea/coffee in hotels down by Rs.4


The central government has reduced the GST rate for air-conditioned hotels by 13% and the non-a/c hotels by 7%, Based on this, the hotels have subsequently reduced the prices of food items.

Until now, coffee was sold at Rs. 30 per cup inclusive of 18% GST, As GST has been reduced, coffee is now sold at Rs. 26.

The prices of many other food items have also come down. The price for a set of Poori (2), is down to Rs. 53 from Rs. 59. Similarly, the price of Pongal and Dosai have also come down by Rs. 6.

The price of Panner Butter Masala is down to Rs. 139 from Rs. 189.

The biriyani buffs in Chennai had a hard time until now due to the high prices because of high GST slab. The price of biriyani without GST is from Rs. 139 to Rs. 250.

Once GST is added, Rs, 36 has to be paid as GST in addition to the price of biriyani at Rs. 200. However, following the above revision, this tax has now come down to Rs. 26 from Rs. 36.