Chennai airport to soon get Travelator


After proposing the idea 7 years ago, this week, the works for installing Travelator that connects domestic and international terminals at Chennai airport is likely to begin.

The installation may go on for about 8 weeks, and by February 2018, it shall be open for public usage. The Travelator will be placed outside both of these terminals towards the city side.

A few months ago, the tender was rolled out and the contract was confirmed subsequently. Last week, the required materials had come and by this weekend, the installation shall begin. Begin a long process, it may take up to 2 months to get completed. Upon testing for a short period, the Travelator shall get opened in February for public usage.

The overall estimated cost of the project is Rs. 40 crore. Out of this, the civil works would consume Rs. 25 crores, and installation would consume Rs. 15 crores.

Originally, setting up the Travelator is one of the plans of the first phase of modernization of Chennai airport. However, it got dropped owing to different reasons. The officials aimed at reviving it later, but those have got delayed.

The AAI has now intended to include the Travelator idea to the second phase of modernization of the Chennai airport.