Tips to keep your baby safe during monsoon


With monsoon, apart from all the fun and joy, there are a number of diseases that come with it. While taking care of yourself is important, taking good care of your baby is even more important.

In this unpredictable weather, at times, it is too hot and at times it is too cold. So, it is better to wear cotton clothes for your baby when it is too hot. And it is important to keep the baby covered at times when it is too cold.

It is very easy for babies to catch cold and infections at these times. So, to ensure nil infection for your baby, you ought to keep your home and the entire surrounding clean. Never allow water stagnation in and around your home, as it will pave way for mosquitoes to breed and cause diseases like malaria and dengue.

Through some means or the other, mosquitoes would enter your home. Hence, cover your munchkin with full sleeved dress. Make use of natural mosquito repellents for your baby to protect him from mosquitoes. Mandatorily, use mosquito net for your baby for sure, because you need not take any risk.

In case of too cold weather outside, never take your baby outside for walk. Your little one should always be kept covered, as they tend to get flu or cold infection very easily. In case of vaccination due for your baby, definitely consult your doctor before vaccinating.

It is also advisable for you to keep a few flu medicines handy in your home, upon doctor consultation though.