Easy and simple monsoon drinks that can keep you healthy


You are perhaps giving extra care for your hair and skin as the monsoon has begun. You also need to be cautious about what to eat and drink at the same time. According to experts, herbal drinks are very essential during this period, as they are made of very easily available ingredients from our very own kitchen, and these and largely help in staying safe without getting hit by poor health conditions.

According to a leading nutritionist, here is a brief list of a few important herbal drinks and the ways to prepare them at home with ease along with each of their benefits:


As popularly known, Kashayam is of medicinal value. It is an Ayurveda drink and a decongestant. Those suffering from sinusitis can have Kashayam. It is also rich in many anti-bacterial properties that help in boosting our immune system.

Preparation method

For preparing Kashayam powder, take a pan and heat it. Dry roast coriander, cumin seeds and fennel seeds in the ratio of 4:2:1. To this, add a spoon of black peppercorn seeds. Once roasted, allow it to cool down to room temperature and dry grind them in mixer. Make a fine powder out of it and store it in an air-tight container.

So, to prepare the Kashayam, you need to boil a glass of water and add a spoon of this Kashayam powder. Add a spoon of Jaggery to taste. Allow it to boil for a few minutes, filter and drink it hot or warm.

Golden milk

Diseases like dengue, malaria, fever, etc. spread among people during monsoon days. Golden milk is a therapeutic drink that is filled with antioxidants. It helps in boosting the immune system and reduces inflammation and hinders loss of protein and fluid

Preparation method

Boil equal proportion of water and milk. Say, you take a glass of milk, add a glass of drinking water to it and boil it. Add a pinch of turmeric, black pepper powder, nutmeg and just two or three saffron strands. Keep the content in sim flame and allow it get reduced to half of its total volume. At last, you may add jaggery for the flavor of sweetness. Have the drink right when it is warm or hot.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea will not just boost your health, but also make you feel refreshed. It can largely improve your digestive system, bring down pain and eliminate inflammation. You will feel relaxed and calm after having the tea. It also aids in weight loss and enhances your body’s immunity.

Preparation method

Take 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Allow it to sit for about 3 to 4 minutes. Now separately add crushed mint leaves. Mix both waters together and drink warm or hot.

Rose and honey tea

This can boost your immune system. It is very rich source of vitamin C. Hence, it saves you from different kinds of health issues and fights infections that are highly prone in the monsoon season. For troubles like sore throat and diarrhea, this acts as a good cure especially during monsoon.

Preparation method

Boil water and add fresh rose petals to it. Allow it in the hot water for a few seconds. Now turn of the gas and allow the petals to stay until the water color changes slightly and gets dark. Now strain the water, add honey and drink it.

Fennel and Carom potion

Fennel seeds have the quality of improving digestive system and carom seeds contain a lot of essential oils, phytochemicals, minerals such as copper that can treat your dysentery or diarrhea and other stomach infections and troubles like nausea.

Preparation method

Take a spoon of fennel and carom seeds each. Add this to a boiling water. Keep the water in sim flame for a few minutes. Now remove from flame and add honey to it. You can consume this hot or warm after your meal.