Kovai to Tirupathi flight service


Air carnival airlines fly planes from Coimbatore to Tirupathi on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays n Sundays. Departs from Cbe at 1 pm, reaches Tirupathi by 2:15.

Starts from Tirupathi at 2:35, arriving at be by 3:50. Fare - 4500/-.

If booked in advance, the two-way fare is only 3400/-, with a free Dharsan ticket, to n fro.

Though it has a capacity to carry 70 passengers, only 10 - 15 use it.

Authorities state it's due to lack of awareness. The airlines are considering canceling the service, due to low passenger turn out.

CONTACT NO FOR CBE IS 04222595984 CNI 044 22562112 AND TIRUPATHI IS 08772274467
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