Visibility in Chennai improves, weather to remain dry


During the past week, some showers were recorded over the state of Tamil Nadu. Isolated places of the region also witnessed intense rain activity. However, Chennai remained mostly dry, with the very light spell, that too in isolated chunks of the area.

Apart from rain and elongated dryness, another weather phenomenon has been witnessed over the city of Chennai that could be termed as fog. The occurrence of fog is very common phenomenon over North, Northwest and Northeast regions of the country. However, there are rare instances when fog occurs along the east coast of the country.

Coming back to the weather condition over Chennai, the visibility dropped to 50 meters on January 13 at Meenambakkam observatory. However, improvement in the condition was observed today morning, when the lowest visibility recorded was 1000 meters.

This weather condition could be attributed to the incursion of cold air mass from the north. Besides this, ample amount of moisture was available over the area in the wake of the low-pressure area and the trough which has moved away.

As per weathermen, the visibility is expected to improve during the early morning hours over the region, with 1000-2000 meters. Nevertheless, mist and haze will persist for short duration. As the day progresses, the sun will show up and the visibility will become better.

Maximum temperatures are expected to settle in the range of 31-32°C, while minimums will settle around 20-22°C. The weather is expected to remain dry and the sky would remain partly cloudy.

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