Wholesale vegetable prices drop, retail prices high


With truckloads of vegetable flooding Koyambedu market, the cost of vegetables has crashed making it a very happy Pongal indeed.

A senior office-bearer of Koyambedu Market Licensed Merchants Association said, Brinjal, beans, cabbage, ladies finger (okra), broad beans and tomato sold for less than Rs 10 per kilogram. The arrival of trucks with these vegetables has increased by 25% from the average 100 to 125 vehicles. So, this has reflected in a significant drop.

While one kilogram of onion cost anything between Rs 30/kg and Rs 40/kg, potato, and yam sold for Rs 15/kg to Rs 20/kg and Rs 20/kg to Rs 25/kg.

The wholesale market received 450 trucks of vegetables and about 50 vehicles more to meet the demand for Pongal from different parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

However, in the retail markets prices were much higher. Talking about this, the office bearer said, Retail traders, will factor in a minimum a profit margin of Rs 10 for every kilogram of vegetables to meet the expenses incurred in transporting the goods to respective places.

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