Why nights in Chennai are cold now?


It is known that this is winter season in India and Chennai is also experiencing cold temperatures now. It must be noted that on Saturday night the temperature recorded was the coldest ever in this season and the temperature dropped by as much as 19 degrees. It is now said that the minimum temperature that was recorded before the sunrise was 19 degrees which is less compared to the minimum recorded temperature of 22.7 degrees that was in the previous week.

In the year 2003 was founded a private company Skymet Weather and this company has been giving important information about the weather forecast. Mahesh Palawat belonging to this Skymet Weather spoke about how the drop in the temperature was because of the reversal of the winds blowing from easterly to north-westerly direction. He spoke about the winds blowing from the cold north and north-western parts of India and how these winds might persist till Tuesday night and how the winds would change their direction. He further shared his thoughts about the restoration of the night temperatures.

Mr. Mahesh threw light on the fact that the distance from the sea coast is responsible for the night temperatures being less and this was the reason for the temperatures in Meenambakkam being one degree Celsius lower that of Nungambakkam. It is known that Meenambakkam is 8 to 9 km far from the sea coast whereas Nungambakkam is just 4 km away from the sea. It is now clear that in the month of January in Nungambakkam, the average maximum temperature is 29.3 degree Celsius and the average minimum temperature is 21.2 degree Celsius.

It is now confirmed by the meteorological department of Chennai that on Monday 8th January 2018 there would not be any rainfall and minimum temperature would be 19 degrees and maximum temperature would be 29 degrees.

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