Aziz Ansari with roots from Tamil Nadu is fantastic now


Aziz Ansari is a 34 year old USA based actor cum comedian cum producer who has been doing superbly. In the role of Tom Haverforsd in the series titled ‘Parks and Recreation’ this Aziz Ansari stole many hearts with his amazing acting skills is well known.

It must be noted that from the year 1944 Golden Global Awards were given to the actors who have done superbly.

The latest news that has come out is this 34 year old actor Aziz Ansari was awarded this prestigious Golden Global award for his remarkable acting performance in series named ‘Master of None’.

It is really sensational that this humble actor Aziz Ansari has received Emmy Award for writing the series and he hosted USA Based late night live TV variety show named ‘Saturday Night Live’. He has got huge fan following now.

Tamilians all over the world must feel happy and proud that this Aziz Ansari’s is a Tamilian and his parents are from the state of Tamil Nadu. His parents then shifted to USA. Ansari studied in New York University Stern Business School is known.

This actor started his career in mid 2000s and in the year 2006 at the HBOs United States Comedy Arts Festival held at Colarado, this Aziz Ansari turned many heads when he won the Jury Award for ‘Best Stand Up’ and since then he has been doing superbly in his profession.

The remarkable piece of news is this is the first time an Indian-American has won this prestigious Golden Globe Award ever since this award was first given some 73 years back. He also made his presence felt in writing a book titled ‘Modern Romance’ and that book that hit the stores in the year 2015 was superb.

His films like’ The Rocker’, ‘Funny People’, ’Epic’, ‘Date and Switch’ spoke volumes of his acting skills.

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