The passengers in the Shatabdi express train would have access to movies soon


Having access to many movies would soon be possible for Shatabdi train passengers. It is now said that passengers who take Shatabdi express train from Chennai to Mysuru would be able to access more than 100 movies during their travel and that would be superb. This would start from Saturday itself.

Regular air-conditioned chair car coaches are being modified by the mechanical department of the Basin Bridge coach care centre. It must be noted that a modified coach would be attached to the Shatabdi express train (12007) travelling between Chennai to Mysuru via Bengaluru.

It is now revealed that by the month of May 2018 around 15 to 17 coaches belonging to Bengaluru Shatabdi and Coimbatore Shatabdi express trains would be modified slowly. The amount that would be spent on the modification of the coaches would be Rs 10 lakh.

According to a senior official Magicbox belonging to Delhi would be providing infotainment system and the prices of the tickets would be same.

The senior officer also spoke about how the passenger could connect his or her mobile or laptop to local Wi-Fi and how this local Wi-Fi would be protected by a password.

Apart from the films the passengers travelling in the Shatabdi train would also be entertained by chat shows plus comedy shows. The senior official later spoke about how there is greater demand for infotainment than internet.

It is worthy to mention that these modified coaches would have facilities like LED lightings, coach indication board plus CCTV cameras at the entrance and above the luggage racks.

It is known that people travelling by trains often face difficulties in the toilets and in the compartments due to bad smell etc. Now the travellers would be surprised to see the presence of provisions for fragrance dispensers inside the toilets and compartments.

One important piece of information is Braille signage for coach numbers would also be available for those passengers who are visually impaired.

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