Fire safety in the temples in Tamil Nadu to be assessed by a committee soon


Last week there was a fire accident in the popular Meenakshi Amman temple of Madurai and this shocked many people and devotees in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Minister for Hindu religious charitable endowments Mr Sevvoor S.Ramachandran held a meeting of HR & CE officials and he was cynosure of many eyes there.

In the meeting this minister expressed his thoughts regarding the fire accident that took place in the famous Meenakshi Amman temple of Madurai and said committee would be formed to assess the fire safety in the temples present in the state of TN.

Minister Mr Sevvoor S.Ramachandran spoke about how the shops present around the temples would be checked to see if they pose threat to the temples. He also touched on the relocation of the shops to some other areas.

The minister threw light on how the electrical installation present in the temples would also be checked plus how the strength of distribution lines and wires would also be checked. Changes would be done to these electrical wires and lines and this was confirmed by the minister in the meeting.

Mr Sevvoor S.Ramachandran later shared his thoughts on the fire accident at this popular temple in Madurai and said the fire accident did not do great damage and he also spoke about how the statues present in the temple are safe.

He further added that safety measures were taken by the department to safeguard all the temples present in TN. It must be noted that there were some fire accidents outside the temples in Vellore and Thiruvalangadu and the minister was questioned regarding this.

Minister Mr Sevvoor S.Ramachandran also spoke about how his department has reclaimed temple land to the extent of 2687 acres from the custody of people. Finally the minister gave his advice to HR & CE officials to prevent these types of fire accidents in the temples and he highlighted the responsibilities of these officials.

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