Cheaper cab services in Chennai city from the month of June


This news would certainly bring delight on the faces of many residents belonging to the city of Chennai. Many of us in Chennai use OLA and UBER services etc these days and these cab services have become part and parcel of our lives now.

It is now revealed that from the month of June commuters in Chennai would have an option of much cheaper call taxis and autos as a city based start up company would be providing cab service.

Gnapi Technologies Private Limited is an IT start up company and this private company would be involved in the cab service with the brand name ‘Gnapi - Book Ride’. This was confirmed by its CEO and founder Mr. Vinoth Kumar.

The main objective of this start up company is to provide benefits to both passengers plus drivers with lesser commission. Hence lower fares would be collected.

Mr Vinoth Kumar later threw light on how cab aggregators like OLA and UBER take 20 to 30 % commission from driver plus other charges like cancellation fees etc. He highlighted that his company would collect less than 10 % of commission from cab drivers. The commuters using this Gnapi - Book Ride could also get benefits of Wi-Fi. He later hinted that the drivers would be paid 10 % of the profit of the company and there would be health insurances for drivers plus their family members. Earnings of these drivers would go up to 20 to 30 percent a month and it would be fantastic.

Till now 600 call taxis and auto drivers have registered with this upcoming cab aggregator and by this year end it is expected that as many as 5000 cab drivers and autos would get registered.

There are some cab drivers who also feel that this new cab aggregator would increase their commission once when they capture the market.


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