Thiruvallur reservoir would be ready in 3 months


A fifth reservoir is being constructed in Thiruvallur district is known. The latest piece of news is this reservoir would start functioning in another 3 months of time that is from the month of October. This 5th reservoir in this place is nearing completion and 60 % work is completed. This was confirmed by some officials belonging to Water Resource Department.

From the month of April in the year 2019, this reservoir would provide additional drinking water to Chennai and that would be fantastic for the people. This reservoir is present at TN-AP border and it would have capacity of 1 tmc ft. For the purpose of acquiring lands in Kannankottai and Thervoy Kandigai, an amount of Rs 240 crores has been spent. An official later threw light on how once the compensation money gets distributed to 800 odd displaced families in this month then the remaining construction work would be completed.

There were some tough opposition from the farming communities and this had delayed the progress of this 330 crores project. It is important to mention here that this work involves linking of 2 water bodies present at the 2 villages. Earlier it was said that this project would be completed by April in the year 2017. The opposition from the farmers in acquiring nearly 600 acres of land in Kannankottai village had led to the delay by more than 2 years. In the year 2011 this 65MLD drinking water project was first proposed and the year 2015 was set as the deadline to complete this project.

It is well known that Chennai city gets water from Poondi, Red Hills, Chembarambakkam and Cholavaram. The water level in these reservoirs has gone down from 2.4 tmc ft to 1.8 tmc ft due to lack of rains in this month. It is revealed by officials that current reservoir levels would provide water for just 60 to 70 days. As per a senior official, water has been released from Mettur dam and Veeranam Lake would receive steady water inflow of 2000 cubic feet per second. In another 20 to 25 days of time period this water inflow would fill up the full capacity of lake. As a result of this there would not be any water shortage in Chennai.

This reservoir is located 14kms from Uthukottai and it is the state’s entry point for Kandaleru-Poondi canal. It must be noted that 1488 acres of land has been used in creating this reservoir.


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