Brave Mamta battles cancer with confidence


    It’s sad to hear that the pretty Mamta Mohandoss, who was last seen in Tamil films opposite Madhavan in ‘Guru Enn Aalu’ (a shoddy remake of the Bollywood hit film ‘Yes Boss’), has been diagnosed to be suffering from a rare type of cancer named Hodgkins Lymphoma. Fortunately for Mamta and her fans, the disease has been diagnosed at a very early stage and chances of Mamta recovering from it are almost 100 per cent.

    The Kerala-born Mamta debuted in Tamil films through ‘Sivappadhikaram’ opposite Vishal more than three years ago. She made a brief appearance in Rajni’s ‘Kuselan’ and played the lead role again in ‘Guru Enn Aalu’. The pretty lass has starred in more than 30 films so far in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. She is also a talented singer and has sung quite a few songs in Telugu.

    Recently, she debuted as playback singer in Bollywood too. A couple of months ago, she opted out of Ameer’s ‘Aadhibagawan’ from playing the heroine in the film opposite ‘Jeyam’ Ravi. Though no reasons were given at that time for her walking out of the film, it now becomes clear that Mamta had to opt out to get proper medical treatment to treat her disease, which is very much in its nascent stage.

    Though it’s quite heart-breaking, her fans and relatives and friends are hoping that Mamta recovers soon enough from the disease, known also as ‘lymph node cancer’. When contacted, Mamta herself confirmed this and said that she had been advised to undergo the painless ‘radiotherapy’ treatment to come out of this illness as soon as possible.

    Let’s all pray to the Almighty to cure Mamta’s disease and put her back on rails!

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