Endhiran crosses 50 days


    The mega-budget ‘Enthiran: The Robot’, starring superstar Rajnikanth & Aishwarya Rai in the lead, crossed 50 days yesterday.  The film, produced at a whopping budget of over Rs.180 crores and released in more than 3000 halls worldwide, reportedly collected more than Rs.350 crores in India and abroad, taking into account the collections of the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions.

    Directed by Shankar and staring Rajini in a never-before seen dual role of a scientist and a ‘Robot’, the film has turned out to be a wholesome entertainer appealing to all sections of the audience of the superstar.  With this film and its grand showing in States other than Tamil Nadu and in rest of the country, Rajni has well and truly proved that he is indeed an ‘all India superstar’ and that his crowd-pulling capacity transcends the borders of States.

    The film, said to be the most expensive Indian film to have been produced as on date, also happens to be the film which has collected such a huge amount at the box-office worldwide.  ‘Enthiran’ turns out to be the only film which has netted a huge amount of Rs.120 crores as profit to distributors who took up the film’s distribution and release work.

    The dubbed Hindi version ‘Robot’ has so far collected around Rs.30 crores, creating a record of sorts as far as dubbed films are concerned.  The film’s Telugu version, also titled ‘Robot’, is still going strong and has beaten the box-office records of many original Telugu films including last year’s ‘Magadheera’, which itself broke many records.

    In the age of internet and video piracy, the amount collected by ‘Enthiran’ at the box office is viewed as nothing short of a miracle.  In particular’s the film’s showing in some halls in States like Gujarat & Haryana & in U.S. has belied the predictions of trade pundits.  Sun Pictures, the producers of the film, are said to be working overtime to get the film released in Japan, where the superstar has an amazing number of fan-following.

    Rajni returns to Madurai after 3 decades

    Superstar Rajnikanth visited Madurai almost after a gap of three decades to attend the marriage of Dayanidhi, film producer and son of Union Chemicals & Fertilizers Minister Azhagiri. Incidentally, the superstar has always consciously avoided visiting South India’s most popular Temple town where he shot a lot in the late seventies immediately after entering Kollywood.

    The late seventies saw Rajni, who debuted in films in K. Balachander’s ‘Apoorva Raagangal’, skyrocket to superstardom at a terrific pace and obviously he had to work for 22 hours a day at times which took an unbearable toll on his mind and body and was hospitalized during his last visit to Madurai in 1979 after which he had to remain bed-ridden for close to two months.

    Rajni himself has referred to this during his many speeches at public events and has also noted that after that incident, he had never been to Madurai for any reason – professional or personal. Despite the fact that Madurai and its surrounding localities have a large number of his fans, he has consciously (or was it a co-incidence) stayed away from Madurai.

    “I too have two grandsons. The pleasure I derive in playing and spending time with them is matchless; in fact, till they arrived on earth, I never though such an enjoyment was possible at all. For a man, if conducting his son’s marriage gives him immense pleasure, the conducting the marriage of grandson is nothing less than ecstasy.

    “I am making a visit to Madurai almost after 32 years….it’s quite a long time….still, the welcome given by my fans and the public here was really an unforgettable one. I’m thankful to them even as I bless the couple a happy married life,” concluded Rajni.

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