Gautham Menon to do a cameo in Simbhu’s Poda Podi?


    Actor Simbu can’t easily forget director Gautham Vasudeve Menon from his life. The Kerala-born director is credited with having ‘unearthed’ the ‘real actor’ in Simbu who appeared to be hiding behind the façade of a supposedly ‘mass hero’, a kind of role Simbu had been trying and doing prior to the release of his ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’ in Menon’s direction early this year.

    VTV has almost changed Simbu’s life as he has now come to be known as an actor who could revel in any sort of role. This is really a far cry from the earlier name that Simbu had earned that he was only doing some ‘finger tricks’ in all his films instead of indulging in some serious acting. VTV paired Trisha opposite Simbu and ran to packed houses for more than 100 days.

    Apparently due to the friendly vibes that prevail between the two, Menon has now agreed to do in a cameo in Simbu’s upcoming film ‘Poda Podi’ which pits him opposite Varalakshmi, the daughter of ‘supreme hero’ Sarath Kumar. This would be the first on-screen effort by Menon, who made his directorial debut way back in 2001 with the musical hit ‘Minnalae’.

    When Simbu was looking for an artiste to play an important role, suddenly he thought of Menon who agreed to Simbu’s request to star in the film. Gautham had earlier appeared in the film ‘Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu’ for a few seconds in a song sequences with a bevy of group dancers.

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