interesting titbits on Superstar Rajnikanth’s next movie directed by Karthik Subburaj


    The shooting of the new Tamil film with the superstar Rajnikanth acting under the direction of the celebrated director Karthik Subburaj is progressing in Darjeeling.

    Presently, the scenes involving Rajini are being filmed. Some interesting tidbits and information regarding this:

    Rajini acts as a professor in this movie.

    As per the screenplay, the story is filmed in Ooty. As it was expected that a large number of a crowd will turn up in Ooty if the scenes are shot there, the scenes are being shot in Darjeeling.

    Rajiin has not been given any caravan. As the shooting is being done in a college complex, a room of one of the staff in the college has been allotted to Rajini.

    As it rains frequently in Darjeeling, the shooting gets disturbed quite often. Because of this, sometimes the shooting extends up to 6.00 AM the next morning. After that, some rest is taken ad the shooting is resumed.

    Even f the shooting is scheduled at 3.00 AM, the superstar is ready at the shooting spot by 2.45 AM.

    As Rajini is acting with 200 college students, he enjoys every bit of the shooting and is acting with interest and great enthusiasm. Though there are some mild political dialogue digs, this is not at all a political film. It is getting ready as a full-fledged commercial film.

    In this movie, Rajini acts as a 50-years old just as he did in Kabali and Kaala.


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