Kamal Hassan sticks to His Guns


    Actor Kamal Hassan is set on premiering Vishwaroopam on DTH. In a press statement, the Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan has said that this will bring out a new facet in the world of cinema.

    Pointing out that such a premiere will put an end to piracy; Kamal Hassan has stated that it would be healthier for the film industry to support his new initiative rather than throwing brickbats at him.

    According to Kamal Hassan, people do not support new initiatives at first but would agree to it later on. The same applies to this DTH premiere plan, he has said in a press release.

    Clarifying about it, the star said that people don’t understand the concept of this premiere and are therefore creating a ruckus. He has explained that premiering Vishwaroopam on DTH doesn't mean that everyone with a television set would be able to see the movie. Adding further, Kamal Hassan said that only those with DTH instruments can view the film on paying a fee of Rs. 1000. Further, the film will be shown only once and there would be no chance of recording it.

    On reports that Vishwaroopam contains scenes that show Muslims in bad light as it is film based on terrorism, Kamal Hassan said that his Muslim friends will realise that they suspected him for no reason. The Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan added that for next Bakrid, his Muslim fans would treat him with loads of Biriyani for suspecting him unwantedly.

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