Karthika wants to come alone for Shootings


    Heroine wants to come alone!


    Usually, actresses are accompanied by at least one of their family members every time they step out for the shoots. Mostly, it would be the mothers who would keep a close watch on their actress-daughters mainly due to two reasons - To protect them and to avoid romantic relationships.

    However, the story of Radha and Karthika is different. The yesteryear actress would never accompany her daughter to the shoots as she is well aware of the difficulties a heroine has to face when a family member is watching her act before the camera. 'I can't act naturally, when my mother is around me. And it would be more difficult while shooting romantic scenes when your family member is on the location. Being an actress, my mother understands this and that's the reason she willn't come to the sets of my film,' shares Karthika.

    The two releases (Josh, Dammu) of Karthika hasn't been received well by the audience. Even the vast experience of Radha as an actress is helping her daughter much. Wait and watch to know the next move of his dusky siren to cement her place in the Industry.

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