Lekha not too happy with ‘Va Quarter Cutting’


    The pretty and picture-perfect Lekha Washington, who has played the female lead in the recently released ‘Va Quarter Cutting’, has dubbed the film as a ‘mental’ film. Yes, the actress has twitted so in her latest comments about the film on her Twitter page!

    Lekha, who was previously seen in debutant director R. Kannan’s ‘Jeyamkondan’ as the younger sister of hero Vinay more than a couple of years ago, finally got the chance to play the heroine in Dayanadhi Azhagiri’s ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ opposite ‘Mirchi’ Siva, the RJ-turned-hero who has starred in films like ‘Chennai 600 028’, ‘Saroja’ & ‘Goa’.

    After starring in a Hindi film which didn’t exactly scorch the box-office despite her ‘bikini act’, Lekha was counting on VQC to resurrect her Kollywood film career. The pre-release publicity given to the film and the way it was released all over Tamil Nadu by the high-profile production team apparently hasn’t helped the film’s prospects at the box-office.

    Lekha’s personal grouse is that most sequences involving her had been ‘chopped off’ from the final version, reducing her from a heroine to almost an ‘guest artiste’ in the film. Tweeting on her regular Twitter page, Lekha has said that the film is a ‘mental film’ and as such dealt with the incidents that take place in the lives of a group of mad persons.

    This obviously hasn’t gone down well with the producer and director. The distributors and theatre-owners are said to be itching to take the film off their screens from this Friday.


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