Nagaram review


    Nagaram is Sundar C’s return to direction after a long time and is a worthy re entry. The film is slick and stylish and keeps you interested till the end.

    The story in brief is about Gate Selvam ( Sundar C) who comes out of jail a new leaf looking to end his life as a crook and live a straightforward life. But as luck would have it something else is in store for him. His best friend, cop Sakarai ( Bose Venkat) is bent on involving him in nefarious activities to satisfy his own greed and Selvam is caught up in too much before he knows it.

    He falls in love with a simple girl (Anuya) and they plan to run away and get married despite it all. But fate catches up with them in a gripping climax. What will the future hold?

    What works:
    The camerawork is racy while the music is pleasant. What makes it a must watch are the comedy scenes with Vadivelu which are the highlights of the film. Sundar C has kept his performance muted without any in your face elements in the narration. There are no punch dialogues or ‘heroic’ acts by the hero as is common in Tamil cinema. All this raises the level of the film to a slick entertainer.

    Anuya as the girl next door is adequate and does a good job all through with an important role. Veteran G Srinivasan is a delight in the bhai’s role while Bose Venkat has surpassed himself in portraying the wily cop with shades to his character. The twists in the tale make for gripping viewing.

    What doesn’t work:
    The scenes near the climax in the station could have been trimmed as the chase gets repetitive after a while. Moreover, the reason behind the protagonist going too far to defend his friend is not at all convincing. The friendship angle hasn’t been narrated strongly.

    Overall Nagaram makes for a good watch.

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