Simbu enjoys Enthiran by whistling with fans


    ‘Young superstar’ Simbu, a known fan of superstar Rajnikanth, had a field day when superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ released last Friday. Simbu watched the film in the typical ‘first-day-first-show’ style and enjoyed the film by watching it sitting among spectators at a leading cinema hall in the city and lauded the superstar’s performance in the film.

    Simbu watched the film at Kasi, a cinema hall which is situated near the Udhayam Multiplex in K.K Nagar. Rajni’s fans, who had been upset with Simbu for some ‘unsavoury’ remarks that he had made in the past, were quite happy that Simbu sat among them and whistled and danced like them at the sight of Rajni on-screen.

    Simbu had arrived at the hall as early as at 04:30 a.m. to watch the ‘first show’ of the film. He was accompanied by Premji Amaren, who was also spotted whistling and dancing with Simbu. When journalists approached him, Simbu said that “I had already decided not to miss the ‘first-day-first-show’ of this Rajni film as I didn’t want to miss the ambience, so unique to the release of Rajni Sir’s film(s).

    “Thalaivar’s (Rajni’s) films are always special for me. Today was not an exception as Rajni has dazzled in the twin roles of a scientist and the ‘Robot’. I don’t think anyone other than Rajni Sir could have played the role to perfection,” said Simbu after emerging from the cinema hall.

    “I liked ‘Chitti’ Rajni especially; it’s mischief is a sight to behold,” said Simbu.

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