Simbu’s Love Anthem


    Simbu is a uniquely multi-talented guy in the film industry. He is like a jack of all trades in Cinema, be it, Acting, penning Lyrics, Singing, direction, penning Story, screenplay etc. You name the task, he is ready for it.

    Now, Simbu has gone a step ahead. Probably, he has become the first Actor who is coming up with a Music album. Recently, he featured in an album called Love Anthem, which was written and composed by him, apart from featuring in it.

    STR is determined to release an album before 2012. Simbu is conducting discussions with Rihanna, Akon and other Hollywood pop stars.

    STR is very thrilled about this and said from Los Angeles that, “It was suggested that I make an entire album instead of releasing just one song. So I decided to make a video album with six to nine songs.”

    Simbu says that, this album will have other themes too. Regarding this, Simbu says, ‘The main theme is love. But I am still considering other subjects too for a couple of songs. Talks are on with Rihanna and Akon and several other Hollywood stars.’

    ‘With Rihanna and Akon, it seems to be a problem getting them together at the same time, since the dates are clashing with their schedules. Once all this is sorted out I can make a clear plan for recording. No Actor has done a Music album and that’s my point.’

    As of now, STR is involved in making arrangements for the shooting of videos and recording. Simbu adds that, ‘I plan to release one single after another and then release the entire album by the end of the year. Love Anthem’s final version will be the last track to be released. Rich Lee is helping out with the choreography.’

    ‘Because of the album, shooting has been stalled for a while. So, I am back to resume work. I am looking forward to working with Vetrimaaran on the photo shoot for Vada Chennai!’

    Simbu returns to Chennai by next week to recommence the works on 3 films namely ‘Poda Podi’, ‘Vettai Mannan’ and ‘Vada Chennai’.


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