Escape Cinemas, Chennai


    A space beyond perception.
    Escape Cinemas by Sathyam Cinemas - the city's first luxury multiplex.
    A culmination of style, innovation and passion, escape promises to be all that the city has yearned for by redefining the cinema experience and presenting entertainment in a setting like never before.

    Spanning a total area of 40, 000 square feet, escape includes 8 cinema screens and a private dining lounge in each screen. The cinema space has been designed by Giovanni Castor of Castor Designs, USA and renowned Chennai designer Vikram Phadke. There are six small halls with a capacity of a little over 100 and two large halls with a seating capacity of over 300, with ultra modern seats. In an attempt to transport you away from the ordinary, each of the 8 screens tells a story. Blush, Weave, Spot, Streak, Plush, Frame, Carve and Kites are the names of the cinemas. Keeping in tune with revolutionising movie viewing, escape is the first cinema in India to do away with projector rooms in addition to the floating screens in each hall.

    Screen Inspirations
    A cinema inspired by women and many of the things they cherish. This screen features plush velvet walls, crystal buttons adorn beaded velvet panels complimented by corset chandelier lighting and a grand dome ceiling. Blush was designed by California based designer Giovanni Castor.

    The cinema design is contemporary and elegant with an emphasis on the 3 form woven fixture. It has framed convex shaped panels that come together to create a woven pattern and has been highlighted with back lit lighting. The screen was designed by California based designer, Giovanni Castor.

    Inspired by the iconic Lighting feature of the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas, this cinema features circular 'buttons' lit from the rear. The buttons are laid out to create a systematic wave of lights that work together to give a phenomenal effect. Lighting plays the dominant feature in this theme, designed by Californian designer, Giovanni Castor.


    This theme is inspired by the symmetry and balance of light strips earned in concentric patterns throughout the cinema. The light runs continuously from wall to ceiling and floor, back to the point where it began creating an effect that plays tricks on you visually. The theme demonstrates the simplicity and elegance of modern design with lighting again playing the dominant design feature. This theme was conceived and designed by Californian based designer Giovanni Castor.

    This theme imbibes the over the top elegance of periods of yesteryear. A time of ornate chandeliers and elegant fabric wall coverings, intricate jacquard patterns and beautiful stone flooring; it blends rich and luxurious elements with contemporary flair. This theme was designed by renowned Chennai based designer Vikram Phadke.

    This screen is inspired by the art gallery and features photographic art from legendary landscape photographer and artist Peter Lik. Majestic large scale landscapes adorn the walls of the theatre, creating a gallery inside the auditorium. This theme was designed by renowned Chennai based designer Vikram Phadke.

    This cinema is inspired by Indian classic woodwork often found in ancient Hindu architecture. Ornate doors and intricate carved panels bring an ethnic and decorative element to this design. These carved components have been carefully compiled to create a truly traditional feel throughout the cinema. This theme is designed by renowned Chennai based designer Vikram Phadke.

    A design concept conceived and interpreted by Rajesh Pratap Singh, one of India's leading fashion designers. Renowned for his use of intricate colours and patterns in many of his garments designs, RPS has adapted these elements into a thematic design called "Battle of the Kites". The space is made up of more than 1800 kites and is sure to impress the most discerning fashionista. This cinema has been interpreted by renowned Chennai based designer Vikram Phadke.

    The space has been used aesthetically so that each area is special. The lobbies and washrooms are resplendent with Botticino marble, granite, Italian tiles and wooden floors coming together to pattern the floor. Back lit Italina onyx stone is used extensively in lobby columns and architraves and a fusion of tiles make the floors in the seating area of the cinema; with wood finishing on the aisles, lounges and steps. The facade is covered with bronze tinted glass and the lobby has sheer chocolate brown curtains with back-lit curtains adding to the luster. No space lies unutilised in this design as even the Food & Beverage counters; made entirely of onyx and washrooms have been tucked below the raking slabs.


    The cinema comes replete with Series 2 upgradeable digital projectors with 2K resolution (2048 x 1080). They support the JPEG 2 format and are known for their technical competency in preventing piracy. At Escape, RDX stands for the Real Digital Experience. Watching movies in digital format means enhanced clarity, color, contrast and brightness. So the movie looks and sounds exactly the way the film-maker intended it, every time it is projected. The projectors will at a later stage be advanced to 4K (4096 x 21601 by changing minimum components and adapting a 4K engine.

    RDX 3D
    All the cinemas are fitted with 3D screens. 3D movies in RDX use the Master Image's Digital 3D technology. Digital 3D adds a new dimension to movies, providing an immersive experience that engages the audience with realistic colour and sharp images. The system interfaces with the Digital Cinema Servers are capable of playing 3D content that comply with the Hollywood Studio approved DCI specifications.

    The screens are equipped with A way speakers, with output in pure AES uncompressed audio with a dedicated advanced processor. The QSE DCP 300 is installed to give more high frequency range and precision adding maximum voice clarity. The newest sub woofers imported from the USA have higher wattage guaranteed to give an audio experience that truly is unparalleled.
    Facilities at escape:

    Got a question? Ask the Concierge!
    Everything you want to know about us is available from our Concierge. Meet with ourfriendly and helpful personnel, express your wish and get a first hand account of anything ranging from movie schedules, facilities and value added services or just pick up an FAQ booklet.

    iPod Touch A special touch!
    Unique to escape is the iPod Touch facility. Go right ahead and pick up an iTouch from the Concierge Desk and browse through a range of specially created applications. Book tickets, order food & beverages, watch the latest trailers and keep yourself engaged with a host of other fun icons.

    Any time tickets!
    Bid adieu to those long queues for tickets to the movie of your choice are now at your fingertips. The touch screen kiosks at escape give you movie schedules and the easy option to book and print your tickets in an instant using your credit card or your Fuel card.

    FLUSH Freshen-up in style!
    The escape au courant washrooms will surely charm you. Marco Corona Italian tiles, automatic wash closets, tissue less hand driers and more designed for your comfort. A water foundation, a specially crafted tiled mirror and LCD picture frames, all lend to its uber chic design, escape also has 2 washrooms designed for children.

    Energize your muscles!
    Bliss by Oryza, is just what you need to rejuvenate your body and mind. Get a massage from professional therapists or sink into the inada SOGNO Massage Chair, its gentle, undulating figure-eight motion that mimics a shiatsu massage session letting you know that the experience is truly better than anything else ever conceived.

    Refresh yourself in a haven of health and wellness.
    Inspired, inviting, and enveloping in design, are the shower rooms. Vedana pampers you with the ' proven benefits of 5 Therapy Showers - aromatherapy, chromatherapy, thermotherapy, sound therapy and light therapy in one unique system. Ease up, relax and start afresh with the multiple benefits of these therapies.

    Turn the page!
    The library lounge is an ideal spot for you to unwind and enjoy a quiet moment. A cozy section at escape, here you can sip on international brews of tea and coffee and bite into crunchy biscotti as you read up on a diverse range of subjects. Choose from our carefully selected coffee table books and lose yourself to paper and ink.

    HOME THEATRE Change of view!
    immerse yourself in a surreal world at the home theatre centre. Watch trailers of upcoming films, exclusive behind the scenes footage of blockbusters, interviews with your favourite stars and a whole lot more.

    Tease your pocket!
    Walk into the retail space and you'll find a mini haven for shoppers and connoisseurs alike. Stocked with interesting curios from all over the world, you can buy a range of products spanning movie merchandise, electronic gadgets and other luxury products.

    Movie munchies!
    Gorge on a delectable selection of food and beverages at the F&B counters at escape. Take your pick from finger foods, burgers, pizzas and quick snacks at Grill, chaat at Mix, fresh sandwiches at Loaf, desserts, smoothies, milkshakes and ice cr
    eams at Chill and a lot more freshly prepared gourmet eatables to satisfy your movie time hunger pangs.

    Just a click away!
    At escape, you're always connected. Step into the browsing center and check an important email, surf the internet or catch up on your social networking while you wait for your movie.

    Stay linked!
    You'll never lose touch with what's going on around when you are at escape. The wi- fi enabled
    space ensures that you are always in sync. Check emails on your mobile or laptop, browse the web
    and do a whole lot more with a simple click.

    Chase the thrill!
    Get your adrenaline rusn at the gaming room at escape. Play a little football on the PlayStation and XBOX 360 or challenge the warrior within as you play Prince of Persia on our high-tech PCs.


    Feast for your senses!
    A premium and exclusive space, the fine dining cafe at escape offers our guests an elaborate menu. Chat over a coffee or indulge in a delicious gourmet meal. The menu includes fresh soups, salads, starters, main course, desserts and beverages. Enjoy a great sit-down meal at the cinema with family and friends before or after a film.

    Smoke signals!
    The cigar room offers you a little slice of privacy as you get your nicotine fix. A one - of its kind facility in the city, the cigar room is every gentleman's envy. Take your pick from the best cigars in the world and indulge in the splendour of the space.

    Safe and sound!
    At escape we don't just take care of you; we'll take care of your belongings too. Leave your shopping bags at our Cloak Room as you watch a movie, enjoy a meal, get a massage or just indulge in one of our many luxuries. Collect your bags after and be sure to come back and visit escape again.

    Let's get loud!
    The exclusive events space, Live is the ideal location for product displays and demonstrations. Designed in tune with the needs of every brand, you will find the latest video and sound system coupled with trendy showcase mediums to make the space an advertisers delight.

    Dine in style!
    Complete your experience at escape as you dine in style at the in cinema lounge. Ideal for an outing with friends or family, the lounge offers you privacy while you bite into an assortment of fine finger foods and beverages served at your seat. Get in touch with the concierge to book this space.

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