RmKV Silks, Chennai & Tirunelveli


    RmKV Silks has an astonishing range of over 30,000 gorgeous wedding silks and designer theme sarees, all made from the purest of zari and the finest of silk.

    With traditional authentic silk woven the forgotten way, in designs as contemporary as today's bride, only RmKV makes you spoilt for choice.

    The Theme Collection showcases some of the most exquisite silks designed around a central theme. Every silk sari in this collection reflects a glorious interplay of innovation and imagination.

    Contact Details:
    RmKV, Panagal Park,
    125 Usman Road, T.Nagar,
    Phone: 044 28144445

    RmKV, 72 North Car St.,
    Tirunelveli Town, TN-627006
    Phone: 0462 2339105

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